Announcement for Candidacy

Mary DuBuisson, the legislative assistant to Slidell Mayor-elect Greg Cromer, announced Monday (June 4) she will seek Cromer’s state House of Representatives seat in the yet-to-be scheduled special election.

DuBuisson, 63, has been Cromer’s assistant for eight years in the Slidell-area’s 90th House District and is intimately familiar with the processes of state government, she said in a news release. She is a business owner and commercial real estate investor.

Cromer was elected mayor April 28 and takes office July 1.

“I’ve been privileged to serve our community both personally and professionally for many years, and now I am ready to take that service to an elected position,” DuBuisson said. “Greg’s election as mayor is not only a triumph for the city of Slidell but an opportunity for qualified candidates to step forward. I’m moved to run and to win, and will give both the campaign and the job my full enthusiasm.”

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